Dr. Chelsea Cook

the future cook lab

Exploring the behavioral, neurobiological, & genetic basis of collective cognition


I want to understand how animal groups solve important tasks

I use a multi-level approach in bees to explore how social and environmental information drives individual and group behavior


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areas of research

influence of Social Environment on Group Behavior

Societies must work together to accomplish tasks that are critical for collective survival. I integrate both lab and field techniques to understand how individual behaviors scale to the collective.


neurobiological & Genetic basis of Social Behavior

Like humans, social insects have intense cognitive demands to keep track of social and environmental information. I use RNAseq to explore how gene expression shifts as social and environmental information changes.


Improving Honeybee Health: hive tech solutions

Honeybee populations have declined dramatically, as demand for their services continues to increase. I am the co-founder of a company focused on developing tools to improve the honeybee agricultural system.


my teaching & mentoring philosophy

I partner with students to achieve their goals


I am transparent

In both my classroom and in my research lab, I provide a clear path to success. I utilize backward course design to identify learning goals, then clearly communicate those goals to students in lectures, for the semester, and for the exams.


i provide skills for beyond the classroom

A science education can provide skills for success in many careers. Students in my lab and classroom learn to think critically, communicate their work, integrate ideas across multiple levels of organization and analysis, and compassionately approach the world.


I evaluate myself as well as my students

I continuously assess both student learning and my effectiveness as an instructor, working to ensure my students and I are collectively accomplishing our learning goals.